Representatives from Mosaic and Rejoicing Spirits will host a portion of the proclaim community space at the 2015 Youth Gathering of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) in Detroit, Mich. Our booth will provide students and adults who attend with the opportunity to experience some of the daily activities of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Participants will also have the opportunity to advocate for full inclusion of people with disabilities by becoming a part of a social media mosaic of awareness.
After more than six months of work, we’re pleased to announce a new version of rejoicingspirits.org. The website has been updated to reflect Rejoicing Spirits' new identity as a ministry of Mosaic and our goal of expanding the ministry to more host sites. Even though the website has changed, our vision of ensuring that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities have the opportunity to explore and express their faith remains the same.
March is National Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Month. We hope you will join Rejoicing Spirits in a month of prayer and awareness for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities online and in your faith communities. Our February resource email will focus on helping host sites lift up the gifts people with disabilities have and are to the church and society, but we could use your help to make this happen. We’re asking congregations to do one or more of the following things: