What is a Direct Support Professional and why do they matter to Rejoicing Spirits?

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Direct Support Professionals are Mosaic's all-stars.Direct Support Professional (DSP) is the umbrella term that most social service agencies use to describe people who work directly with people with physical disabilities and/or intellectual disabilities. A DSP’s job is make sure that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities can lead a full life.

Job duties include helping people with disabilities with goal setting, daily living activities such as cooking, cleaning, transportation, and advocating so the person has access to the same opportunities and communities that people without disabilities can access.

Rejoicing Spirits and Mosaic see supporting people with disabilities as a calling. Often times, the relationship between a person with a disabilities and a DSP becomes a sacred and holy bond. Honoring and supporting their work as valued partners and advocates is central to our vision of making sure that people with intellectual disabilities are present and active in our faith communities.

When we care for and honor DSPs, we care for and honor people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.