Monday, November 2, 2015

“Once there was a church that ran out of things to do. They had done all the hymns and said all the prayers over and over. They knew the festivals by heart and could recite psalms without looking or thinking. So they decided to celebrate the only thing left: each other. Every week they celebrate one person. So many people are joining, it seems they’ll never get done with what they’re doing.” –Herbert Brokering, “I Openers”.

In Screwtape Letters, C.S. Lewis writes: “Satan hates when the Church celebrates.” Discouragement is evil’s greatest weapon. When the people of God rejoice and commemorate their gratitude, they are invigorated and empowered.

Does your community seek out opportunities to recognize how good God is and how his amazing kindness lives out through other people? Do we celebrate as often as we can? And do we relish the ways and reasons to mark our time together with a festive spirit?

When our lives are too difficult and harsh, Rejoicing Spirits is a refuge of hope and wonderment. While others may allow disappointment and fear to overcome, we are different.

In worship, we gather to appreciate once again that God is present, active and loving, and that we have been called to be a people of compassion and joy. Forgiveness is voiced and grace abounds!

In doing so, God is celebrated and honored.

In fellowship, we realize anew how good it is to travel this life together; that we were designed to live in community. Support is given, care expressed and we are re-affirmed. We need to marvel and observe how wonderful this all is!

In doing so, God is celebrated and honored.

I implore you to find new gifts from God to celebrate each time you gather. Celebrate the folks who come to Rejoicing Spirits, those who give their time to make it happen, the care givers and direct support staff, the musicians and cookie bakers, the greeters and helpers, any and all.

In doing so, God is celebrated and honored.

Celebrate the anniversaries, the special accomplishments, the abilities that are shared, the days of sunshine and rain, prayers that have been lifted and answered.

In doing so, God is celebrated and honored.

Rejoicing with you!