Tuesday, March 12, 2024

I write today with some wonderful news for all congregations hosting a Rejoicing Spirits ministry! Mosaic’s Rejoicing Spirits network recently became one of 20 recipients of grant money awarded by the Disabilities Ministry Network (DMN). The DMN recently received a grant from the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship from the CICW Shalom-Shaping Invitational Grants program.

The DMN proposal sought to fund a project to consult with groups of worship planners and people involved in disability ministries to discover ways in which congregations have used multi-sensory and experiential activities that facilitate more holistic participation in worship.

How does this affect or benefit you? Mosaic’s request was to invite each of the Rejoicing Spirits host congregations to elect one representative of the ministry (clergy or lay) to participate. This person would take part in one online small group meeting in the spring and be invited to share best practices as well as greatest challenges in hosting a Rejoicing Spirits community.

After these meetings conclude, a three-hour Zoom plenary consultation would be held, including presentations by leaders selected from the small group meetings who would either share their best practices on given topics or address greatest challenges. The ELCA Director for Worship (or their designee) from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s churchwide offices, would also be invited with the hope that a general resource for worship for persons with IDD might be drafted.

Because such a consultation has already been requested by Rejoicing Spirits leaders who are seeking new ideas and best practices, two resource books, A Body of Praise and Creative Ideas for Worship With All Abilities would be distributed in advance to participants to both strengthen their ministries and augment our discussions.

Stay tuned for more information about this exciting project, and do begin thinking about who the perfect person from your ministry to select as a participant.

Blessed Lent,

Pastor Twila Schock