Mosaic Calls Faith Communities to Prayer and Action Regarding Medicaid Decisions

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

As you may know, Congress is currently considering legislation that will greatly affect people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, including those supported by Mosaic and in our Rejoicing Spirits communities. You can learn more about the proposed legislation here.
God cares how we treat each other.  Mosaic offers support to many whom society has pushed to the side and often forgotten or marginalized. Many of our Rejoicing Spirits communities have members who rely on local agencies for the same supports.

As the Medicaid debates are waged in legislative chambers, Mosaic and Rejoicing Spirits call congregations and faith communities to prayer.  We seek God’s guidance for our leaders so that decisions made do not damage people with disabilities.  We ask that God would awaken our commitment for the good of all and that we, as a society, would pursue justice.

A prayer for services and social media is listed below. Please share as you see fit.

These are urgent times of critical need for the people Mosaic serves and for members of our Rejoicing Spirits communities.  Please be prayerful in the days ahead. Thank you.

In Christ,

The Rev. Dr. David deFreese, Vice President of Church Relations
The Rev. Dr. Jim Fruehling, Vice President of Behavioral and Spiritual Supports

Read a statement from Mosaic, Rejoicing Spirit's ministry partner, on current health care legislation and how it affects our neighbors with disabilities.

Gracious God, you do not distance yourself from the pain of your people. As discussions focus on future care of people with disabilities, send your Holy Spirit to give us wisdom, that our society might discern with love, mercy, and reverence for life.  Grant our leaders a fresh vision of your grace so that decisions made restore all who are created in your image to wholeness of life.  Sensitize us to the struggles of others, empower us to empathize, and to love with your compassion.  This we pray trusting in your name.  Amen.