An Introduction to Theology and Disability: Helpful Teaching Aides and Reminders for Your Congregation

Monday, July 6, 2015

We’re pleased to share the following resources created by Mosaic to help congregations teach and grow in ministry with people with disabilities.

There is a a sermon by the Rev. Brian Krause, an ELCA pastor with mild cerebral palsy (Bio included.) Also included are a children’s sermon and Confirmation lesson plan. 

These tools are aimed at providing people who have not spent time with disabilities with a starting point of how the church can minister to and with people with disabilities in a way that can transform all parties involved.

All three resources can be found under the tab “Training for Leaders” in the Host leaders section of the website. If you haven’t set up your host site account, email to get access. If you are not a host site leader and would like a copy, please email and she will send you the resources!

Here’s an except from the sermon:

“God in Christ is working to break down the barriers that separate people from each other. God in Christ is working to bring together different people into one body. Christ is working to break down the negative stigmas that create barriers between people. Christ is making one out of the many. In God’s eyes, every single person has dignity, worth, and a purpose. We all have gifts and talents that we bring to the body of Christ and to the mission of the church. We can no longer look over whole groups of people, for Christ calls us together to be his body. Those who we once thought were different are no longer called strangers and aliens, for in Christ we have been brought together in one kingdom. In Christ we are all citizens with the saints.”