Monday, July 6, 2015

We know that God sees and loves all people equally, but the church and society don’t have the best track record when it comes to embracing and loving people who seem different. Historically there has been a mistaken belief that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities do not have the capacity to experience, express or explore their faith lives. This is simply not true. People with intellectual and developmental disabilities have both the right and the ability to lead deeply spiritual lives, just like you or me.

Come and explore the myths and facts that often fall upon people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and use social media to advocate for the full inclusion of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in our church and society. The church is complete when we are all are a part of it.

If your church youth group and leadership are attending the youth gathering, please have them find us in the Interaction Center or online using the hashtag #mosaicpossible.

If you would like to join our digital Mosaic please share the following online from July 15–19: 

Churches need the spiritual gifts of people with disabilities. We are not whole without them. #MosaicPossible