Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Representatives from Mosaic and Rejoicing Spirits will host a portion of the proclaim community space at the 2015 Youth Gathering of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) in Detroit, Mich. Our booth will provide students and adults who attend with the opportunity to experience some of the daily activities of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Participants will also have the opportunity to advocate for full inclusion of people with disabilities by becoming a part of a social media mosaic of awareness.

Our booth will also build on our National Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities month theme by asking participants to share what it means to be the church and to be the church together, regardless of ability or barriers. 

If your church youth group and leadership are attending the youth gathering, please find us in the interaction center or online using the hashtag #mosaicpossible. 

We also encourage you to participate in DisABILicity, which provides students and adults with the opportunity to experience various disabilities, and move toward awareness and advocacy for people of all abilities. DisABILicity will give participants the opportunity to:

  • • encounter a variety of impairments through games and activities.
  • • learn what really makes an impairment a disability in our society.
  • • explore ways to make the world more accessible and inviting for all people – regardless of ability.

Be sure to visit to disABILicity in the proclaim community space to play, learn and be challenged to make a more welcoming and barrier free world!