Five Ways You and Your Faith Community can Participate in DSP Week this September

Wednesday, August 26, 2015
  1. Pray for DSPs during your Sunday morning worship services.
    Use your prayers to give thanks for the work they do and ask for God to give them strength, fulfillment and support.

  2. Recognize them in Rejoicing Spirits worship.
    Many people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are accompanied by their direct support professionals to worship. Plan a few minutes in worship to recognize DSPs with a prayer, laying on of hands, or just by having them stand during worship. Make sure they are comfortable with recognition first!

  3. Get to know them and the people they serve.
    Many direct support professionals have profound stories that keep them working with people with disabilities. Ask them to share with you why they choose to work with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities one-on-one or in a worship service.

  4. Give them a small gift.
    Something as simple as a $5–10 gift card or a hand written note can go a long way in making the direct support professional feel that they are a welcomed and valued part of the Rejoicing Spirits community.

  5. Advocate for their work.
    Learn more about how you can advocate for better care for direct support professionals and in turn, a better quality of life for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities at